Cloud Services

The growth and maturation of the cloud market has demonstrated not only the feasibility of cloud solutions, but also represents a paradigm shift in technology management.

We help you navigate the complex cloud infrastructure and find the right solution for you, from planning strategy to operations management. Our experts can support you in moving legacy applications to the cloud, enabling you to achieve a consistent, secure and scalable architecture.

We help you identify and analyse how your current digital environment works with your critical applications and create a roadmap for cloud transformation.

We have the expertise to integrate multi-cloud services into a single solution, guaranteeing a user experience that matches the one of on-premise. Additionally, ENWENTA offers you a public cloud experience in a software-defined approach that allows you to simplify and be more flexible with a single platform for all workloads in different deployment options: private, public and hybrid clouds.

Our cloud experts will help you move your corporate infrastructure, business applications and processes to the cloud with minimal downtime.

We offer you our own managed cloud service where you can host your applications, desktops and data with maximum security.